The App

Link to Wireframe here.

Trek allows you to plan for any trip you want to take, whether your destination is planned or your sense of wanderlust simply takes over one afternoon.


Have a trip already planned and want to find fun stops along the way? No problem – all you do is enter your destination and interests and Trek does the rest, showing you attractions and stops along the way that are catered to your interests.


Find yourself bored one afternoon, just longing for the freedom of the open road? Trek’s got you covered there too, just decide how far out you’d like to wander and Trek will show you places to go as you drive along. The app also offers curated trips that lay out every stop on the trip before you even get in the car for those of you who are more type A.  A detailed description and rating of each stop is also available, so you can decide as you drive if a stop is for you before you have Trek re-route you.


With Trek acting as your personal travel guide, we can assure you that no car trip will ever be the same again.